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General Registration Information

The Bolton Youth Soccer Association (BYSA) offers In-town and Travel soccer programs for both the fall and spring soccer seasons.

The In-town program is comprised of five groups (Kickers for 3 & 4 year olds), U5, U6, U7 and U8 and is offered to players in grades Pre-Kindergarten through second grade.  

The Travel program is comprised of three groups, U10, U12 and U14, and is offered to players in grades 3 through 8. 

High School level teams are offered only when a volunteer coach recruits a team. 

Please note that grades mentioned herein are guidelines. Actual placements are based on player birthdates in accordance with the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) age eligibility and age groups definitions.

* * * Please Register Early * * *

Undecided? - It is better to register on time and withdraw later if needed.  Full Refunds will be provided for withdrawals prior to the start of the season!

A note about GRADE restrictions: Starting in the fall of 2016, age groups will be determined by school grade level, not age.  Our online registration system will enforce the grade restrictions for each program. If your child cannot register for the appropriate program, please visit your online profile to ensure the grade level is correct.  

Can't remember if you registered?: 

Login to the system via the 'Edit My Account' menu item on the lower left side of the Home tab.  A list of family members with all recent registration programs will be listed.  You can also pay any balance due by pressing the 'Pay Now' button below the list of family members.

About your Security and Privacy: 

Your email address and the password generated in this registration process are used to protect your family's personal information.  Your privacy is important to us. Bolton Youth Soccer Association will only collect information to efficiently conduct registration and placement within this soccer program. The first time you register, a password will be generated and emailed to you. You will need this password to access/enter your personal information. If you have any difficulty with this password, please send email to w[email protected] and we will reset your password.

In-Town Soccer Divisions

In-Town Program (Kickers, U5, U6, U7 & U8) Team and Player Placement

The In-Town program is recreational and non-competitive. No scores or standings are kept. It is the intent at this level to encourage the fun of soccer and to introduce the game to all that are interested. Team selection will support the overall goals of the In-Town program and age group player curriculums.

For U5 & U6, teams will be formulated randomly with some consideration to any special parent requests (practice night, specific coach, friends, carpooling, etc.) made at the time of registration. The Age Director will be responsible for this process. Teams will be reviewed with coaches prior to parents being informed.

For U7 & U8, teams will be formulated primarily based upon coaches' evaluations with a goal to balance teams as best as possible by both skills and age. While we strive to meet this goal, we realize that this is not always the outcome, and, if the need arises, mid-season adjustments can be made to schedules at the discretion of the Age Director to compensate for any significant imbalance between teams. Parents requests made at the time of registration will be considered but cannot always be acted upon. A collaborative process involving the Age Director and all the coaches will be used to create balanced teams.

In-Town Age Directors will determine the number of teams based upon total enrollment and the optimal team size defined in the age group curriculums adjusted based on coach availability as necessary.

Learn more about how teams are formed HERE

Travel Soccer Divisions

Travel Program (U10 through U14) Team and Player Placement

U10 thru U14 teams will play in the Nashoba Valley Youth Soccer League (NVYSL). NVYSL is known as the travel league because competition is against neighboring towns.  This league offers 3 divisions.  Divisions 1 and 2 are considered competitive while Division 3 is recreational.   For more information about league policies visit their website at

NVYSL has strict guidelines for team placements based on past season records, overall skill level of the team and team average age. Based on the total number of teams entered in an age group, NVYSL may require a town to place teams in all divisions.  BYSA will attempt to place at least one team in each division, however, based on the league criteria and registration numbers this may not always be possible. Also due to the natural player skill distribution there will be more teams placed in lower divisions than in higher ones.  Typically, BYSA  will have one Division 1 team, 1 -2 Division 2 teams and 1-2 Division 3 teams depending on the number of registered players.  The teams are formed by placing similarly skilled players together in the division that best matches the overall skill level of the team.   It is the mission of BYSA to provide each player with the opportunity to be challenged, to succeed as a soccer player and to have fun.  The best way to accomplish this is to place similarly skilled players together on the same team and to play against teams of similar skill.

The desired outcome is that all BYSA teams be competitive for the majority of games within a season (i.e., not winning or losing by a large margin). BYSA recognizes, however, that every town in our league has their own philosophy and guidelines for team and player placement and many times this leads to a wide variety of skill levels of teams within each division.  Consequently, there may be teams that may not have a competitive season despite our best efforts to place them in the right division.  BYSA looks at all BYSA team records after each season relative to the NVYSL league groups and will attempt to adjust team placements the following season for all teams that did not have at least half of their games be competitive.  NVYSL has their own Age Directors whose primary job during the season is to assist coaches in re-flighting teams to a more appropriate Flight/Sub-Flight halfway through the season.

Again, it needs to be stressed that this is a process with many variables, and it may take several seasons to adjust a team to the correct divisional placement. This variety is sometimes more pronounced at the recreational level since there is only one recreational level. 

Learn more about how teams are formed HERE



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