Forbush Field hours due to EEE

The Mass Mosquito Control Board recommends staying inside at dusk as this is when mosquitos are the most active.  BYSA will be close our fields 30 minutes prior to dusk to ensure all players are off the fields in plenty of time, especially the younger players who have to come from the far end of the field. 


This means the fields will be closed at the following times:

Week of:

9/8 - 6:45PM

9/15 - 6:30PM

9/22 - 6:15PM

9/29 - 6:00PM

10/6 - 6:00PM

10/13 - 5:45PM


Hopefully we will have a frost soon and the warning will be lifted.  As soon as that happens we will leave the fields open until dark.

Coaches will be ending practices in line with the above times and will be reaching out about possible changes in the days or times of practices.  While this is certainly not ideal we always need to put safety first.

by: BYSA

Fall registration closing soon!!


Fall soccer registration is closing soon.  After August 16th, the waitlists will be open but placement on teams will not be guaranteed.

Click here to sign up for soccer now!

NOTE – if your child needs an Age Bracket Change, please submit a new request via email to and

Parent Volunteers – Please register now!

Undecided? - It is better to register now and withdraw later if needed.

by: Jason Romeo

Concussion Awareness

Concussion Awareness - Concussions in sports and elsewhere are getting a lot of attention these days, and for good reason, finally.  Several state youth soccer associations have made Concussion Awareness Training mandatory for all youth sports coaches.  Mass Youth Soccer is currently formulating its position on concussions.  In the meantime, here is what all coaches can do both for the benefit of their players and to use in everyday life.  Go to the Center for Disease Control web site and take the free on-line concussion awareness course.  Parents, too!
Thank you for doing this.  Concussion Awareness Training is expected to become mandatory for all youth soccer coaches soon.  Let's all get in the forefront on concussion awareness.

by: Bolton Youth Soccer