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NVYSL Coach Documents

NVYSL Coach's Pledge [Word] - All coaches, both Head and Assistant, must sign and send to BYSA's Registrar.

Avoid Blow-Outs - How To Stop Scoring - Read this Document from NVYSL

A Note about NVYSL Rosters!

To all NVYSL Coaches,

The NVYSL requires two copies of properly validated rosters to be
given to the match referee by each coach.  For U12 and up, a roster
is properly validated if it is stamped by the NVYSL Roster Registrar,
Rosemary Laverdiere.  For U10, a roster is properly validated if it
is stamped by the NVYSL Roster Registrar, Rosemary Laverdiere, OR if
a REVISED roster is validated by your town registrar or other duly
authorized party from your town club.  Players' names, phone numbers,
and towns of residence cannot be handwritten onto a roster.  The
reason for these requirements are simple: LEGAL LIABILITY.  Properly
validated rosters greatly reduce our joint legal liability in the
event that a player is injured on the field of play.

Please make sure that each and every one of your coaches is well
aware of this requirement before they play this Saturday or
Sunday!!!!!  Why am I sending this email?  Because too many coaches
turned in handwritten or otherwise invalid rosters in week one.  This
is unacceptable.  We are finding this out now as referee pay cards
with rosters are received.

Although, it has not occurred yet this season as far as we know,
coaches are not allowed to play players whose names do not appear on
a team roster.  Same reason: LEGAL LIABILITY.  If the unrostered
player is involved in some sort of incident which results in a legal
action, we are all in hot water together.  We suspend coaches if and
when we find out an unrostered player has played in an NVYSL
match.  It may seem like a very nice kind gesture to allow an
unrostered player to play, but it simply cannot happen.

There is also a safety net for those coaches who do not bring at
least one valid roster to the field.  In that case, the coach
prepares a legible handwritten roster with the names and numbers of
the players on his/her team, signs the handwritten roster and gives
it to the referee.  Afterward, the coach follows up by sending a
personal check of $25 payable to the Nashoba Valley Youth Soccer
League with one copy of the valid team roster to the Referee
Paymaster for cross-checking against the handwritten roster.

It is possible that the NVYSL board at its next meeting will give a
pass to the in-valid week one rosters, but please expect your club to
incur fines per the NVYSL bylaws should coaches give match referees
rosters that are not properly validated.

Please share the full text of this message with all of your coaches,
so they read it and we are all absolutely in full compliance.  While
you are at it, please ask each and every coach to read the NVYSL
bylaws in their entirety, at least once. Coaches are expected to be
familiar with the bylaws, which are printed in the yellow NVYSL fall
book and available for viewing at www.nvysl.org .

Thank you for your help.  Nobody wants to spend his or her time
involved in a legal action about soccer... Ben

Ben Myers
Nashoba Valley Youth Soccer League
tel: 978-456-3889
email: ben_myers@charter.net