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COVID Guildelines & Information



 - Please review more information at the COVID Hub page.

Basic Guidelines:

 - No Participation if Experiencing COVID-19 Symptoms
   ● Any coach, player, parent, referee or spectator who is sick, has a persistent cough, is running a temperature or is displaying any symptoms suggesting that the individual may be ill, (from any contagious malady, including cold, flu, or suspected coronavirus) will be prohibited from attending practices or games.
   ● Coaches and players (assisted by parents/guardians) must self-assess their condition and attest when arriving at the location that they are not experiencing these symptoms. A selfassessment tool is attached which you can provide for players and coaches to assess their symptoms. https://www.mayoclinic.org/covid-19-self-assessment-tool
   ● Any adult attendee who displays any of these symptoms will be required to leave. A minor who is displaying any of these symptoms should be safely isolated until an adult responsible for the minor can remove the minor.


 - Minimize physical touching between players and coaches:
   ● Coaches shall ensure all players and coaches avoid “high fives,” handshakes, or other types of physical touching. We understand that this may be difficult as players enjoy celebrating with their teammates, but we need to be diligent at enforcing this protocol for the health and safety of our players and their families. 


 - Coaches, players, and spectators to wear face coverings during training sessions and games:
   ● Coaches are required to wear appropriate face coverings during practice sessions unless they utilize cones to demarcate social distance “barriers” and only while giving instructions.
   ● Coaches are to wear appropriate face coverings during games.
   ● Spectators must wear face coverings while attending practices or games.
   ● Players must wear face coverings when in the playing environment and not actively participating in practice or a game (i.e. watching, on the bench, breaks between practice drills, staging before practice or games, etc.).
   ● Players not actively participating should also practice social distancing.
   ● All face coverings are to cover both the nose and mouth.

 - Equipment:
● Do not share equipment. Players should have their own alternate color training top or pinnie. Players should have their own ball, water bottle, towel, and hand sanitizer.
● Reduce players touching practice equipment, the handling of all training items, such as cones, flags, goals, etc. should be limited to coaches.
● Sanitize all equipment after each session, including benches and bleachers.

Social Distancing:
● Social distancing (minimum 6 feet) must be maintained by spectators at all times.
● Each team should assign a person to be physically present to monitor fields and facilities to politely remind any groups of parents to disperse and maintain appropriate distancing.

 - Ongoing Communications:

● Each BYSA Team should have a Covid Coordinator, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, you may contact your teams Covid Coordinator.
Changes to the guidelines will communicated to coaches & directors who will cascade the information to their parents as appropriate.