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Boys 5/6 A Soccer
by posted 09/18/2021

Hi Team,


I want to take a moment to share how proud we are of the boys’ performance today.  Under difficult circumstances of only one sub and a hot day, they gave it their all.  And they won.


In the beginning of the season, I spoke about team first and it was on full display today.  Jacob and Lucas have played very little goalie in the careers, and both were outstanding.  Boys were playing different positions with maximum effort.  When someone struggled, a teammate was there to support.  When someone was exhausted and could not breathe, someone filled in his role.


In the beginning of the second half, there was a 45 second stretch of passing that was at a professional level.  I made the comment that it was like “Picasso” out there.  After the game, the angry coach from the other team came to me saying that he heard my comment and absolutely agreed it was magical.


We now head on the road for two difficult games, but it is clear to us that the boys will rise to the challenge and give it their all.  See you on Tuesday.



Matthew, Ben, Michael

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B56 Soccer Reminder
by posted 09/17/2021

Hi Team,

A reminder that we have a home game on Saturday with an arrival by 1:00.  We are without Isaac and maybe Dimitri so need the boys to arrive ready to play a lot of minutes.



Chevy, Steve, & Martin

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No Soccer Tonight
by posted 09/09/2021

Hi All,


No soccer practice tonight with the weather.


Game Saturday at home.  1:00 arrival please.  




The Three Amigos


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Boys 5/6 A Soccer
by posted 09/06/2021

Hi Team,


Hope that you have had a nice Labor Day weekend.  Lots of soccer updates for you.


Game Schedule: The first four games have been released and I am thrilled that we start at home.  All games will start at 1:30, but we need the boys to arrive by 1:00 please.

Game ID




Home Team



Visiting Team




Week 1





Bolton B56 A



Nashoba B56 A



  Bolton Forbush A

Week 2





Bolton B56 A



Harvard B56 A



  Bolton Forbush A

Week 3





Townsend-Ashby B56 A



Bolton B56 A



 Townsend-Ashby Squannacook Meadows Field 2

Week 4





Athol B56 A



Bolton B56 A



  Bolton Forbush B


Formation:  We are going to be playing a 3-2-3 formation.  We will be spending time at practice this week learning the specifics, but it is critical that every player watch this video before practice on Tuesday. 


Reminder that we have practice on Tuesday and Thursday 5:00 – 6:30. Finally, we have asked that the boys spend ten minutes a day doing toe taps and triangles.  Please remind them of this.




Matthew, Ben, & Mike

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Matthew Beyranevand 
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