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Practice is on for 4:30PM Today
by posted 09/09/2021

Hello Team!

Practice will be held today at 4:30 despite the rain. A little rain doesn't stop a soccer player from getting out onto the field!

We are continuing to watch the forecast and while it looks as though the rain will remain light and there shouldn't be any lightning, we ask that grown-ups remain on the sidelines of the practice field in the event that the weather shifts and we need to end practice early for safety

We are very much looking forward to meeting all of you tonight ahead of our first game on Saturday!

A note about COVID-19 precautions: masks are not required on the field or sidelines this season, but individual families are welcome to ask their children to wear them if they choose. I and my two daughters on the team may choose to wear them at some point depending on local case numbers given that we have two immune-compromised family members in our home. As always, please do not send your child to practice if they are experiencing any cold or flu symptoms or have had a fever within the last 48 hours. Sebastien and I are dedicated to ensuring that all of our team members are able to continue to engage in in-person schooling and extracurricular activities without interruption this year and making sure that we all do the right things to keep ourselves and our teammates healthy is the best way to do that. 

See you soon!





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