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by posted 09/12/2022


A couple of items Mike and I want to share regarding the season:

1. Attendance:  Please review your calendars to determine if your son will need to miss any games this season.  Our games are 4:30pm every week, skipping Columbus day weekend. NVYSL is very rigid about rescheduling games, and we have to let them know >10 days if we need to reschedule a game.  So, please let us know ASAP if your son will be missing a game! 

2. Game Schedule/Location: Please note that the Bolton website is not always up-to-date with the league schedule.  So rely on our email to confirm game locations.  Or go to the NVSYL website for the correct schedule here: https://nvysl.org/as_league/section/view/147.

3. Arrival: Please arrive at the field no later than 4PM on game days. We all know the parking at Forbush is tight, don't bring trailers and such.  And if you have a vehicle with higher clearance, e.g. trucks, the league has asked that you park in the overflow parking area.

4. Shoe tying: Please ensure your child shoes are tied well enough to stay tied the whole game.  If you have to tape them, please do so.  A double knot and pulling tight on the loops to lock down the knot works well. 

5. Spectator locations and behavior- Spectators are only allowed on the opposite sideline from the players coaches. According to NVYSL policy, spectators are not allow to view from the corners or along the goal lines.  By this point, I'm sure you all know - you cannot yell at refs.  They are kids doing their best.  And you should not be coaching the kids - positive reinforcing comments only please.  Any out of hand specator behavior has to be handled by the coaches - Mike and I do not want to have to do that job as well.  


Thanks for all of our support for us and the kids.  We look forward to a great season!


*This week (10/1) we are at Bolton Forbush fields playing Nashoba B78 B Black.  



Heather and Mike

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